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Laurel High School Class of 1977

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Welcome, fellow Spartans and other visitors! This web site was created by and is being administered by an LHS 1977 graduate for the benefit of the Class of 1977.

Several pages on this site are accessible by the general public. However, the best stuff, including current personal information and photos of class members, is restricted to registered users for privacy reasons. You must have attended Laurel Senior High School with the LHS Class of 1977 in order to register and get a user ID.

If you're an LHS '77 graduate, or you attended LHS as a member of the Class of '77, then obviously you're included. But members of the LHS faculty and staff during the 1974-1977 academic years, and members of the LHS classes of 1975, 1976, 1978, and 1979 who attended with the Class of 1977 during the 1974-1977 academic years and were pictured in the 1975, 1976, or 1977 yearbooks, are also welcome to register and see our members section.